Control System Retrofits

BOSS Control Systems, Inc. provides control system retrofits for almost any type of industrial machine in existence. The photos are of a control panel for a palletizing machine that was controlled by relay logic.

We replaced the large control panel with a small PLC panel with an HMI. BOSS Control Systems, Inc. works closely with their customers to schedule the retrofits around production schedules. Many times the retrofits are done on an emergency basis because the customers system is obsolete and it is more cost effective to install new controls.

Many times it is very cost effective for the customer to retrofit a machine with new controls rather than buy a new machine. Control systems retrofitting is a core service provided by BOSS Control Systems, Inc.

We also work with water park control systems, splash pad control systems, and fountain control systems. We also provide controls rework, machine control system upgrades, and vintage control systems. Contact us for all your control system retrofit needs, control system upgrades, control system repairs including trouble shooting.

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